T Magic Museum Rossy is an international museum and a library of magic art. It boasts the largest collection in the Balkans on the history of magic art. It represents the home for antiques, books, requisites, magazines, trick's explanations, posters, badges and magic in all its forms. It is located in Fruska Gora, national park of Serbia.
The museum is the property of Rossy. It was founded in 2001. when Rossy bought off the collection of, the late great magician and collector Dezider Repovic from his heir. The collection consists of about 20.000 articles, 3.000 books about magic and magicians, and some of that books come from 18th century, including the first book about magic, printed in Serbian language, "Magician", published by Svetozar F. Ognjanovic, Novi Sad.