Christin change color glove

Price: € 130 + Post fee

Christin change color glove 
They contribute to both hands, white gloves and hold with one hand a cylinder If the hand is pulled out, the glove has dyed black!

The same procedure repeat with the other hand, and this glove immediately turn black. They repeat the process now turns to first with one, then with the other hand. Every time tints in seconds the glove! From white into black, from black to red, red to blue. And the alternately with both hands!

A great effect! The last glove, you can now move out or start the car, as you want. The coloring is done in the cylinder - a flash and automatically! You simply enter the hand into it and come out again! A beautiful, optical interlude for yourself or your assistant!

 Practice time: 10 minutes.

You get everything completely including DVD!